Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not about stardoll but i just want to say..

im sure you all have heard of Swine Flu going round the world right now

well it has recently come to england and someone in torbay has it


my school might close :/
im praying i dont get it
anyone else been effected?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hi Im A New Writer!!

Hi Guys! Im Muffins0012, (Isabelle) From! Its so nice to be invited to write for this blog! I Alreaddy own another blog called, and I think I could try and help this blog as much as possible!

I might not be able to write alot, but I will try and make posts atleast once a week! :D

I'll ask as many friends as possible to follow this blog, and hope you like my posts!!

That girls gone blogging,




From now on your font must be black.
You can have dark colours to,
Like red and maybe green.
So you will have to highlight your writing and then make it black.
Whatever stands out because i changed the background.

Im still alive!

Wow , Stardoll is pretty boring lately ,
I will post when something new happens.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stardolls Birthday !!

They have released some clothes in starplaza for the 3rd stardoll birthday
i didnt buy any because tbh they arent that nice :/
but apparently they have having games to earn stardollars and stuff at some point :)
Update: I Gave In And Bought The Yellow Jumpsuit

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

May Hotbuys..

Ohmygosh I LOVE The New May Hotbuys :D
The Dresses Are DROOLWORTHY :P
And The Swinsuit Is Gorg :O
I Pretty Much Love The Rest Too
Anyone Else Have Any Opinions?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Hey :)
I Just wanted to say, How i love Fiona's suite.
I love her fashion and her lookWhat do you think ??

Sephora hasnt left just yet..

Earlier when i was shopping i realized you can still get some of sephora
if you search red, brown, purple or green
on the last pages theres still some sephora
Im not sure if you can buy it cause i didnt buy any
but you can always try :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Stardoll Seller Star-Box

I thought so.
Well, If you visit Star-Box on stardoll, she collects rares such as 1st season DKNY and sells it to the public for very good prices! Go visit her, because her latest rares sale was today and boy was it good! Too bad i didnt get on stardoll in time to catch some of the dresses, but i got the DKNY bow clutch for 52 stardollars! Great deals, huh? She still has a few things on sale, so hurry! Just keep visiting her and join her club for more of the details on her sales and the dates! She even gives you a preview of what she will be selling. This great girl has even sold the DKNY scuba!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

30 million prize,

Hmmm.. what do you think we will get this time ?

10 million members - Free top, boots, gigantic star, perfume (and something else)
20 million members - 20 stardollars
30 million members - What i thought was..

Do you remember those gift bags that came in $10 , $15 , $20 , $25 and $30.

30 was the only one with sparkles around it.
And there was BIG gift boxes to!

LE!!!!!!!!! :D

Heyy:) i know every blog has posted about LE today but i just wanted to too lol

I spent all my stardollars yesterday so i only bought a bracelet

but i think this collection is probaly the best one yet

Im pretty bored so I made a picture of what I think are the nicest things (above)


Also i need to make a new one , for the blog.


LE is out!

(no header)

Yay , LE is finally out. It is pretty nice. Totally unique and differnet frtom the last 2 seasons!
Very pretty too! And more of a spring look :]
What do you think ?
Leave it in a comment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hii :)

Im a new writer for this blog and i cant wait to start posting lots :)
P.S. Sorry about my bad quality banner i made it in like 2 seconds i will do a better one later

Paulina news.

Me -> Alot of people wanted to know what i look like :(

me ageennn ->

Yay! Paulina has somegreat news for us!
We (well the members of AskPaulinaGirls) will be getting a special gift :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News and more!

Woo-hoo, New LE- Well soonish,
Look ! And also this is the latest gift dress.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Everheard of.. ?

Wow , Stardoll keep adding new dolls to dress up.
But there boringg..!
Seriously have you ever heard of Lena Gercke ? Or Shy'm ?
It is pretty annoying!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cover Girl

Covergirl. Everybody wants to be her, but how does she do it? All i can tell is that the creativity of todays covergirls is at a low right now. We should vote for the people who deserve it, and not take those bribes to VOTE ME FOR COVER GIRL! I DESERVE IT AND I WILL SEND YOU A GIFT! because...
1) are they actually going to give you the gift? Doubtful.
2) do they actually deserve it? Maybe.
Cover Girl should not be who gets the most votes, but whose style is the best and who has the creativity. Most of all, do the covergirls of today deserve it??? The choice is yours. 

Happy Easter-

Back In Style???

Okay, so correct me if I am wrong, but all of a sudden, starting about 6 months ago, stardoll started bring a bunch of the old clothes back to the store. Is it a lack of designing options stardoll can come up with for new clothes or are people asking for it to come back, because personally, I like it when the rares STAY rare. I dont know though... What do you think?

1 million to go!

Wow , Stardoll has less than 1million members until 3million!
Its true what they said Stardoll is the biggest growing website in the world!
I'm happy to be a member of it!
Also it is a stunning, warm day were i live, But im a loner (joke)
So i'll be inside posting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enter: pointelover515

I will be beginning to write about all the new and interesting things I see on stardoll soon, but first i need to introduce myself. I am pointelover515 from stardoll and I used to have another blog, but i couldn't make it look half as good as this one,  so i deleted mine and became a writer for this one. I will probably be writing a bunch of entries, as i love to blog. 

Writing Soon,

this is the header for our new writer


Friday, April 10, 2009

LE - Agenn ;/

Again ?
Wow thats 3 seasons!
Oh well.
Also just like last time you get a charm.
But only if you bought the last season LE.
Not me :(
I found it in the spoilers.It took a while. Then i realized that i could of copied it from Fiona.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New header and new authors!

Like it ?
Also 2 new authors !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

DKNY skirt

No not on Stardoll :(
But in real life :)
I was reading a magazine called Fabulous. It had the latest things out to were. The title was Skirt In.

There was the DKNY skirt.
The blue won that has the black waist/belt.
Believe it or not , You can get it in Oasis for £40 !


Dove t-shirt and Queens Day t-shirt!

Oh lmao x One more t shirt Spectacular in the cinema.
I only have 1 of them and dont know if they all work.

I think im going GaGa!

Yeah i am! Did you see them yet! ?
Lady Gaga styled outfits!
Da sha Vu!
If that's how you spell it.
But i thought they would release the blue swimsuit she wears in Pokerface.
They also released her hair bow!
Poker face!

Thursday, April 2, 2009



New make-up store , Very stylish but superstar.
Secondly , I have put an add up in Gossip - Stardoll!
Third Free items! Join Club Dove_Wonderful
Fourth Stardoll have changed there style medoll place.
Its all news here at Stardoll-Designers!