Saturday, May 30, 2009

The world of stardoll :/

Dont you find it kind of funny how stardoll basically has created a new world?
because we have all the normal non famous people (kinda like me),
and we have the famous people of stardoll,
weve created our own celebritys and gossip magazines where we talk about
what they get up to (e.g: scamming people out of rares, talking trash about eachother, etc..)
Do you think that there will be further generations of new stardoll celebritys,
new uber famous magazines, after all of us have left?
I just think its cool how we all created a new virtual world :)

Friday, May 29, 2009

What the hell??

okay so i was playing that celebrity quiz to get 5 stardollars and

i looked at the leader board and saw that 2 people with

*ahem* interesting usernames had been doing particurly well

but i swear stardoll doesnt let you have usernames like that?

so i went on one of their profiles and its obviously the same person..


(remember the italian mafia?)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Real Medolls 2


Way Overpriced?

Stardoll gives each superstar either 50 or 85 stardollars per week. Then when you go to the starplaza, you find out that a simple dress (hotbuys or not) is around 12 stardollars. That is ¼ of you money, wasted on ONE dress. Then you go for a handbag. Unsuccessfully finding a bag you love with a cheap price. The bag you love is 10 stardollars. Now you have spent ½ of your WEEKLY money. Then you say, Hey. I think I am going to fix up my suite. You go and want to make it a beach theme or something. The pool alone is 21 stardollars. You have now spent 43/50 of you weekly stardollars for three items. You want to get a background for your beach theme. The background is 25 stardollars. You don’t have enough money and must sell either you dress or your handbag. In the end you start with 50 and flies out of you pocket faster than you can say stardoll.



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Medolls :)

So im guessing that basically nobody actually makes their medoll look like themselves
and we just make them pretty and how we would actually like to look like
and we dress them completely differently then how we actually dress
because most people on stardoll are in their early teens
and girls in their early teens dont usally wear high heels and DKNY dresses

I admit that for this post it took me a long time to find an outfit
in my medolls closet that i would actually wear in public

In the pictues above is a makeover i did on my medoll and i put on
hair that mine is most like,
make up similar to what i usally wear ( i wear bright pink lipstick aha :p)
and i made my skin tone lighter (coz im like rather pale in real life)
But i think im gonna keep my medoll in a dream land
of how i wish my hair and make up was really like
and how i wish my closet looked like :D

i was bored so i made this post, hope you enjoyed it x)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Fiona = Comp

Sorry , I HAD to put them here. x

What do you think ?

Hmm.. Maybe the DIY theme ?


Do you like the ABBA doll's that you can dress ?
I think it is really great. I think that it looks like them.
I am sorry there is no pic :( Im non SS. Lmaoo -x-Sorry the pic is at the side :|

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ive Been Cullenifed! .. sort of

Lol this is in response to Bronaghs post about people being cullenified :)
I got bored and i watched twilight earlier so
i was inspired to makeover my medoll to look like Bella
Im not keeping the look on my medoll though lol xD
just thought id show you x

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Okay. So since i am like, NEVER on stardoll, i was looking in the starplaza, because lets just face it, i have like, way too many stardollars. I was just browsing and i saw some new store called the stardoll archive. It was filled with all of those old, eco-friendly clothes. Personally, i would NEVER buy any of that stuff because i dont think that you know, that kind of thing is like, nice. I dont like it personally, and why on earth did they name it the stardoll archive? Are they like, planning to bring all of the old clothes from like, years ago back into the archive? I dont understand it, so does anybody else???

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Headers!

Im giving the blog a mini makeover.
Im not changing the background because i made headers to match.

Free Dress!

(No header)
Go to page: Goproxing. com (Not write space after com)
In line write Stardoll web adress
Wait, and log in
Go to Magazine and search link to the cinema
Go to the cinema
Log out
Log in to you Stardoll
Dress so pretty blue dress is in you suite ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Okay. Today, I was looking at the covergirl, ZIVYLE and when i saw her suite, i just gasped in amazement. Her rooms are AMAZING. They are original and must have take tons of time and effort. Congrats to ZIVYLE, you deserve it

Other people who have amazing suites-


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twilight and more =)

Okay for all really big twilight fans! Here it is...

Preview of New Moon! How awesome!

Also have you seen CG ?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Heyy!!! Nice day ?!
Lovelyyyy =)
There is still LE in starplaza!
Sage Frindge purse!
150sd left.

DIY boutique :(

I dislike it.
I really love the outfits!I made a couple of really pretty unique outfits.
Also a not to authors please post more!apart from xKityKiwi who is doing a brill job. Too bad she will be leaving us soon :(


This is a kind of weird new idea stardoll has had?
but i bought some stuff and i think its quite good :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just thought id tell you that i only have about the rest of this year on stardoll
or maybe less :(
dont ask why :/

Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Headers :]

Pink Fashionista

I made another!
I know annoying right?
Im making new headers now x.

FakeShake3 Makeover.



Sorry , I know this isn't Stardoll im posting about but it's close enough!
So, Headbands. I don't mean Hairbands i mean headbands.
So far the latest things out. I bought one today :]
Mine is not the same in this pic ,
But it looks like the one i seen! Lol.

This one is the one i bought :] I wanted it in pink , but i bought this one instead. £3.00 in New Look.
There is 2 photos, They are bad quality 'cos my computer is beside a conservatory.This is the one i have and the one below :]

Friday, May 8, 2009


I made another one :)

This time wth some rares.
Again it is blurry, Sorry. Just click on it. Lol. This picture is Pink. It includes. Alexander Mqueen platforms, Top Shop skirt and , Im not very sure about the shoes but i know the real price! £778! Wow. But I need them! Lol.
I will write tommorow after i audition for 2 plays. Get a nap, Watch Elf, Go to the Carnival, Shops then out for dinner! Wow, Im a planner! Lol.

Big shout out - Happy Birthday dad!

Bronagh97 ! x:|

Spills and Frills :]

The image is very Blurry but just click on it for a close up.
So, What do you think ? Frilly Dresses. Totally in!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just HAD to Mention

Okay, don't get me wrong, but the new 5 stardollar a day thing is really weird. You see, i have yet to get even one and i just don't understand why. It is so confusing and frustrating. What? do we have to play on stardoll 5 hours per day in order to get the 5 stardollars?  I just need somebody to shed some light on this situation for me please.

xoxo pointelover515

Super Duper Star

Being Superstar is FAB… Right?


Everybody on stardoll joins  either through a reference from a friend or the gift of a superstar card. Many people on stardoll just dream of being superstar, and the people who are never want to be just a regular member again. But stardoll just isn’t doing much now. Yes, you can have 10 rooms, send out broadcasts, dress up superstar dolls, have a “roomtone” for when people enter your suite and, best of all, buy the superstar clothes in the shops. Being a superstar sounds great right? Well, people want MORE if they are paying a minimum of $9.95 for one month. People don’t want to be a regular member, but what are the real benefits of being a superstar? Is it really all that it seems? Reply in a comment with your answer!




P.S.- I am currently not able to use the computer with my header on it, so i will be working without my header until i get a new one or figure it out

P.P.S.- My signature color is purple. It is my FAVE

Pic :)


Hey :)
Have you seen that Philosophy has been closed for renovation :O
I never noticed till today :|
Maybe thats why it was on sale.

Also i am beggining to make headers for our authors :)

look what i found :)

(Sorry no header i cant be bothered for this post lol)

So i go on this website called
its like clothes and accessorys and stuff
and when i came on stardoll today i thought i recognized a few things :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

HB dress

As you know the non -SS dress, For SD 30m is now not non-SS
Typicall, Stardoll have made it for SS!!!