Thursday, July 30, 2009

:) KOHLS !

Sorry about not posting for a while ive been busy :/
But :O Have you seen the new Kohls 2009 :D:D:D
Amazing i bought nearly all of it, its even cheap and non superstar :P
The candies range is the stuff britney spears modeled
Exciting stuff :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hol''sss x

Hey followers, bloggers && friends.
Its Bronagh and i'm just letting you know i am on holiday.
ive been here for a week and got a week left.
I just didnt have time to post.
So when i do post i might not add a pictre, sorry.
And when i get home im going to try make myslef a new header.
Just to tell you that again you dont hve to use a header but i like them.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The REAL Reason

Hey Guys
The real reason i dont post much is because my computer doesnt do screenshots. And if it does, i dont know how. i have a mac thing (i dont even know) and i cant post any pictures from my stardoll. It is horrible and annoying. if somebody cud teach me how, then please do.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I think im in love...

Im sorry but i just had to post about this because
J'adore This new hairstyle
There are about 5 more but this is definatly my favorite :)
Bronagh posted the rest of them
Whats your favorite new one?

Aly && Vanessa Dolls.

Freebies -ish.
If you are from America you can get there Vannessa and Aly dolls from the hit movie "Band Slam"
The dolls are telling you to " Check out the trailer of there new movie"
If you are from UK or anywhere else then go to then type in
Watch part of the trailer then go to normal Stardoll and they should be there!

Be Prepared!

Guess what Stardoll are releasing another shop!
If you are a fan of Miss Sixty then get ready to go hyper!
Stardoll are realising a Miss Sixty shop.
Cant wait can you ?

New Elle & guitars

The new Elle is finally in!
Have you seen it yet ?Its really good. I bought the bangles :|
Elle also brought out a bag named " Hobo Bag" :S:| Hmm..
I just found out it is a Louis Vuitton bag, Y the mean name ? lol.
What do you think ?

Have you seen the Special Edition LoveHeart Guitar i bought it for 25sd.
Its only for SS. Also you can buy the Special Edition Red Skull Guitar both from Evil Panda for 50sd.There is also Another LoveHeart Guitar in pink & white for the same price and vice versa for the other one.

New Hair Styles :D

We got 6 new hairstyles.
The 3rd is Amy Winehouse.
The 4th is Agyness Deyn
The 5th is Ciara doll.
Im not sure of the rest.

Thanks to Gossip-Stardoll for the picture.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is pointelover515
I am deeply sorry. I have not posted as much as i intended to when i began here. I will now be posting as much as possible, as i WANT to work hard. Here are some new posts.


Monday, July 13, 2009


Do you want a job as an author here ?
There is a space open!
Apply in comments or my Stardoll Bronagh97

Stardoll is sending me multiple messages :S

Stardoll is sending me multiple messages :S
There all like " Your picture was not uploaded"
Like 10 times..


Innactive blog.

This may be rude to our others.
But we have inactive blog you guys are posting as much as you can, I know.
And again thanks to xkitykiwix who is posting lots.
But just try to post more . I only have 2 authors (not including me)
Muffins_0012 (or something like that)
has quit on us, which doesn't help.
So please and thankyou.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Gifts @ HM Club :)

Go to this club and every week or so you get a free peice of clothing
The gift you get when you join is a gold jacket :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Pointelover515 signing on for a post
I have around 3 other accounts that i used to use, and I went on them the other day so that stardoll wouldnt de-activate them. I was re arranging my things, and decided to make another account because i was bored. I made it, and unlike on my other accounts, it ony allows me to have one room. 2 of my other accounts have 2 rooms (the bottom floor). I, now along with many many others, think the price of being a superstar is overrated. I think it is so unfair to the new people and non superstars. There are so many stores, like
Stuff by Hillary Duff
Vivienne Tam
the one with all the old clothes
That sell nothing for non superstars. I think it is unfair and over the top. 

I DID notice some hotbuys are non superstar, which is nice.

Signing out