Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Hotbuys Review :D

Hotbuys Bikini Necklace - Its a bit odd but its a nice colour and i will probaly buy it
Hotbuys Crop Jacket - Hmm im not sure about it, its not my style but im sure some people will find a good way to wear it
Hotbuys Skirt (Purple) - I hate it but kind of love it at the same time, its a pretty colour and a bit crazy
Hotbuys watch - This is interesting i have never seen a watch on stardoll before, i never usally wear watches so i probaly wont get it
Hotbuys Sandals - They are alright, pretty cute, i think i will buy them
Hotbuys bag - I dislike this kind of bag, over the shoulder doesnt really do it for me and this bag doesnt seem very fashionable to me
Hotbuys tube dress - One work: GORGEOUS!! I really really love this dress its a random mix of colours but it works
Hotbuys dress (Pink) - I like it but it reminds me of curtains, if it didnt have the shinyness on it it would be hideous
Hotbuys dress (Black) - I adore this its really cute and with accessories would look amazing :)
Hotbuys skirt (Black) - Ewwwwwwww i am sorry but that is gross, stardoll should have made it a different colour or used the shine on it

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