Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yep im LEAVING Stardoll for good and im gonna tell you why (please dont be offended)

Heres some of my reasons
  1. I think im too old for dolls now
  2. I have better things to worry about then whether i have enough stardollars for the limited edition crap
  3. I think stardolls changed too much for the worse
  4. I would rather talk to my real friends
  5. Its a waste of my money
I did want to try and stay on stardoll, but i have found myself forgetting about it.
I am not going to sell my stuff or sell my account, neither am i deleting it.

My life is finally getting good right now, i no longer need stardoll to get away from it.

So i guess this is goodbye, i had good times on stardoll and wish everyone the best.

If you want to get in touch with me @reply me on twitter my username is chloelouisehall

xKiTTYKiWi :) xxxxxxxxxx

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