Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Super Duper Star

Being Superstar is FAB… Right?


Everybody on stardoll joins  either through a reference from a friend or the gift of a superstar card. Many people on stardoll just dream of being superstar, and the people who are never want to be just a regular member again. But stardoll just isn’t doing much now. Yes, you can have 10 rooms, send out broadcasts, dress up superstar dolls, have a “roomtone” for when people enter your suite and, best of all, buy the superstar clothes in the shops. Being a superstar sounds great right? Well, people want MORE if they are paying a minimum of $9.95 for one month. People don’t want to be a regular member, but what are the real benefits of being a superstar? Is it really all that it seems? Reply in a comment with your answer!




P.S.- I am currently not able to use the computer with my header on it, so i will be working without my header until i get a new one or figure it out

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