Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Medolls :)

So im guessing that basically nobody actually makes their medoll look like themselves
and we just make them pretty and how we would actually like to look like
and we dress them completely differently then how we actually dress
because most people on stardoll are in their early teens
and girls in their early teens dont usally wear high heels and DKNY dresses

I admit that for this post it took me a long time to find an outfit
in my medolls closet that i would actually wear in public

In the pictues above is a makeover i did on my medoll and i put on
hair that mine is most like,
make up similar to what i usally wear ( i wear bright pink lipstick aha :p)
and i made my skin tone lighter (coz im like rather pale in real life)
But i think im gonna keep my medoll in a dream land
of how i wish my hair and make up was really like
and how i wish my closet looked like :D

i was bored so i made this post, hope you enjoyed it x)

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