Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way Overpriced?

Stardoll gives each superstar either 50 or 85 stardollars per week. Then when you go to the starplaza, you find out that a simple dress (hotbuys or not) is around 12 stardollars. That is ¼ of you money, wasted on ONE dress. Then you go for a handbag. Unsuccessfully finding a bag you love with a cheap price. The bag you love is 10 stardollars. Now you have spent ½ of your WEEKLY money. Then you say, Hey. I think I am going to fix up my suite. You go and want to make it a beach theme or something. The pool alone is 21 stardollars. You have now spent 43/50 of you weekly stardollars for three items. You want to get a background for your beach theme. The background is 25 stardollars. You don’t have enough money and must sell either you dress or your handbag. In the end you start with 50 and flies out of you pocket faster than you can say stardoll.



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